Veritas Literary Agency

Katherine Boyle

About the Agency

Veritas is a full-service literary agency specializing in select literary and contemporary fiction and nonfiction. Founded on the premise that literature is one of the best carriers of truth—both emotional and literal—in the world today, the agency cultivates strong, innovative books that extend the boundaries of thought and expression.

With active contacts in film, media and foreign markets, we actively pursue the channels that enable a title to reach its widest audience and realize its full potential. Veritas maintains the structure and spirit of old school literary agencies, where a close relationship between author and agent continued through all stages of a writer’s career. By maintaining a selective, manageable list we can ensure that every author and title receives enough energy and resources. Accessibility is always a priority.

Founder Katherine Boyle attended Stanford and Berkeley and worked at a variety of Bay Area independent publishers and literary agencies before establishing Veritas in 1995. A member of the AAR and the Authors Guild, she is an inveterate champion of the written word and hopelessly addicted to the hundreds of books lining her shelves.

Associate Michael Carr is a literary agent with a background in editing and writing, working from a home base in the Northeast. He works carefully with clients to produce the cleanest, most professional manuscripts and enjoys teaching at workshops and conferences to help develop emerging writers. Michael speaks Spanish and conversational French and before joining Veritas had professions as diverse as programming simulators for nuclear submarines and owning an inn in Vermont.

Associate Chiara Rosati attended Middlebury College in Vermont where she cultivated her love for literature and mastered the Italian language.  Prior to joining Veritas, she served as legal counsel to emerging companies in Silicon Valley.  Chiara's passion for nuanced expression in the written form, combined with her devotion to nurturing clients and their creations, fuels her artistic mission: that of helping noteworthy manuscripts make the transformative journey into published works.  When not reading, writing, talking or dreaming about books, Chiara plays with her son who is the light of her life and enjoys correcting her pronunciation from time to time. 

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